Happy Fall Y'all! Or as my Facebook post stated, Happy Summer with Pumpkins. October is truly a great time of year in our city. So many Live Events are all around us. We have the New Orleans Film Festival, Art for Art's Sake, Crescent City Blues & BBQ Fest, Oktoberfest, Treme Fall Fest, Krewe of Boo Parade, Voodoo Music Experience.  The list is long this month with something happening at every end of our city.

Our organization is proud to stand in the middle and say that we represent all Live Event Professionals. From the meeting planner to the caterer to the entertainment and all that fall in-between you are the parts and pieces that make up a Live Event.  That means that you are part of us. This is a place for us to come together and learn from each other to make connections that will grow us both personally and professionally.  I hope to see you at our event this month and for the months to come.

Enjoy your October to the fullest. I know I will.


Samantha Lister
ILEA New Orleans Chapter


For October's meeting, we're talking about "the scary stuff" with an interactive discussion lead by The Strategic Response Group on Current Events & Trends in Risk Management.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if a physical altercation broke out between guests at event? Or if there was a bomb threat? Or a mass shooting? While we all hope to never have to face an emergency situation during an event, the reality of current events in the news and the state of political unrest in our country means it is not something that can be ignored. Addressing these topics head-on can help you get ahead of vulnerabilities, be prepared, and minimize the risk of something scary happening at one of your events.

While our speaker topic may be on the serious side this month, we'll be in the beautiful outdoor setting of The Crescent Park's *NEW* Mandeville Wharf with lunch provided My House SocialCongresso Cubano, & ice cream treats by Just Delights! Furnishings will be provided by True Value Rental/Just Ask Rental.


Happy Fall, Members!

The weather is getting cooler (hopefully) and great things are happening in ILEA New Orleans!! Our membership is growing everyday thanks to each of you!

In September, we hosted our bi-monthly Mix and Mingle at the World War II Museum’s American Sector. It was so wonderful to see many new faces, as well as old. With delicious snacks from the American Sector and even better cocktail specials, we had such a fabulous time. Our chapter is so amazing and gets better every day!  We love seeing our new and old members interacting together.

As we go head first into fall, join us in welcoming all our new members and get geared up to join us for our next Mix and Mingle in November!


Michelle Smith
VP of Membership
ILEA New Orleans


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September's meeting attendees were treated to a delicious buffet provided by the Fair Grounds including some new menu items as well as the Race Course's signature Corned Beef & Cabbage. The 1872 Room, one of 11 spaces available for events, was the perfect setting for this month's informative event.

Jeff Rizzo of Big Easy Event Rentals took the mystery out of mixers as he detailed various audio equipment and technology used during live events.



By Veronica Seaman, CSEP, CMP

It’s the million-dollar question plaguing the events industry: How can we create events that attendees truly feel safe at in a world of unpredictable circumstances? From natural disasters to routine terrorist attacks, ensuring event safety has never been more essential. By following these six simple steps, event professionals can rest easy knowing they have the resources to eliminate foreseeable risks, while also preparing for the dreaded worst-case scenario.

  1. Handle All Events Equally

    No matter the crowd size or location of the event, your safety strategy should remain the same. Mishaps can happen anywhere, anytime, and a concrete plan should reflect that. If every tiny scenario is treated like a serious case, it shows that safety is the No. 1 priority.

    Bottom Line: By treating each and every event as if it has the potential to be dangerous, event planners will feel more prepared should any unanticipated risks arise.

  2. Get the Coverage

    There are many options when it comes to purchasing event insurance. Whichever plan you choose will depend on the location, nature and size of the event. Having an insurance representative on-site is another applicable approach. At large-scale events like music festivals, it is smart to confirm ahead of time that an insurance agent is available for the duration of the event.

    Bottom Line: It is impossible to predict what can happen at an event, so go ahead and get the insurance because it’s a much better option to be safe rather than sorry.

  3. Prepare for the Inevitable

    From heart attacks to broken limbs, medical emergencies can and will arise at events. The trick is to take preventative measures and be prepared for these scenarios ahead of time. Providing complimentary water to attendees at outdoor summer events to prevent dehydration, for example, has become a standard precautionary practice.

    Hiring medical personnel like EMTs is a necessity for events of all sizes. For music festivals, we often hire “rock docs” that are familiar with the most common types of medical emergencies found at concerts, like exhaustion, insect bites, allergic reactions, severe sunburns and more.

    Bottom line: Having medical experts on hand can significantly reduce the severity of illness or injury suffered on-site.

  4. Protect Your Data

    In a social media-driven era, especially during live events, safeguarding against digital dangers is a vital component to your safety plan. Whenever possible, having an intranet-dependent production, rather than relying on an internet connection, can greatly assist in your cybersecurity measures.

    Bottom Line: We live in a digital age where staying connected matters, so taking cybersecurity precautions can prevent a disaster no one wants to encounter.

  5. Calm Before the Storm

    As any event organizer can confirm, severe weather can have a disastrous effect on outdoor and indoor events. Event pros must make it a top priority to be aware of potential weather-related dangers during their event. “It’s really about making the call far enough ahead of time,” says LEO Events Technical Director Jim Dorroh. “We are tied directly into the National Weather System. And, we start monitoring the first minute of load-in. Should there be a lightning strike within seven miles of our site, everyone is called indoors.”

    Bottom Line: Creating a severe weather grid plan with tasks for each event department based on the weather severity checkpoints and staying in communication is imperative in tracking incoming weather.

  6. Communicate Effectively

    Well-defined communication is a fundamental component to any event. Establishing communication with the local police and fire department is important, especially when it comes to determining the protocol for an active shooter (or any other mass causality) scenario. Local agencies will often specify that they have a safety plan without revealing the details but ensuring that your staff has all the applicable points regarding the proper procedure. We frequently host and organize tabletop exercises as another tool to engage the necessary officials in advance. These drills provide a forum to have high-level discussions with stakeholders to better prepare and familiarize your staff with the chain of command.

    Bottom Line: At the end of the day, event safety success boils down to effective communication.

Author Bio: With over a decade of experience in producing corporate events and meetings, Veronica Seaman is one of today’s leading experts in all things event management. As director of events for LEO Events, she works from pitch to production, managing event content, proposal development and business-to-consumer engagement activations. She has received national recognition by becoming a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) by the International Live Events Association and a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) by the Events Industry Council. Since joining LEO in 2013, Veronica’s client list has expanded to Fortune 500 companies and she has produced international industry conferences such as the Global DMC Partners event in Peru.

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